Welcome to B.A.R.F™ Hungary!
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Delivery time

We produce the menus fresh, so please let us 2-4 workdays to complete your order.

Delivery and handling options

A courier company can deliver your order to your door, or you can get the menus in our production facility.

Besides these, you can buy the complete menus at our partners.

Payment options

If you choose the delivery company in Budapest:
You can pay with an online solution at checkout, or you can pay by cash at delivery. 

If you order with TNT Express delivery (outside Budapest):
You can pay with an online solution at checkout.



We produce our products from human-consumption grade ingredients, using a quick deep freezing technology.
After defrost, the menus will have a nice odour, and you can store them in the fridge for 2-4 days without a problem.